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Hydrangea Flowers

Hydrangea Flowers – Diverse Beauty for Any Floral Arrangement

When it comes to ordering flower delivery in Las Vegas for any recipient or reasons, do not pass up the beauty of hydrangea flowers. These large pom-poms of blossoms suit a wide variety of bouquets and arrangements from happy birthday gifts to sympathy and sorrow. Their flexibility stems from the exceptionally diverse range of beautiful sizes, colors, and styles the flowers have. Explore the options and learn why hydrangeas are one of the most often selected flower delivery options anywhere.

Hydrangeas Come in a Wide Variety of Colors

Many people associate hydrangeas with the well-known blue variety because they are one of the only few true blue flowers in existence. However, the whole hydrangea collection spans almost any other floral color you can imagine besides yellow, orange, and red. 

Blue Hydrangeas – Perhaps the most popular, blue mophead hydrangeas occur with a high acid content in the soil. Many of these blossoms include purples and even pinks on the same head.

Purple HydrangeasFrom true purple to delicate lavender, these hydrangeas offer a bold statement for many types of flower arrangements.

Pink HydrangeasHot pink, pure rose, and delicate baby pink make these hydrangeas flexible for a wide variety of uses. Some of the smaller varieties have pink blossoms.

White HydrangeasA popular choice for bridal bouquets and as a backdrop for other colorful flowers, white hydrangeas make a statement without relying on color.

Green Hydrangeas – The unique green hydrangea flowers offer a beautiful alternative to foliage when paired with other flowers.

Different Sizes Fit All Floral Arrangements

The round or conical shaped clusters of smaller flowers make hydrangeas a bold choice for most flower delivery in Las Vegas options. However, the clumps range in size and configuration that can work for different size bouquets. Large, medium, small, and even mini hydrangeas exist, and they all bring a touch of true luxury to a display. For example, mountain hydrangea varieties have small flowers on more delicate stems.

Add a Touch of Luxury Suitable for All Occasions

With such versatility and beauty, it is no wonder that hydrangeas are some of the most sought-after flowers for bouquets and arrangements for all occasions. Large, blue, mophead hydrangeas work well for sympathy, new baby, or get-well bouquets depending on what other flowers they are paired with. For example, a blue hydrangea and pink rose bouquet works well for a baby shower because of their delicate colors. The deep purple types form a beautiful backdrop for lilies in a sympathy arrangement. Try pretty pink in a mix of bold and gentle colors for a unique take on a romantic gift. Hydrangeas simply work for any flower delivery option no matter what the occasion.

For same-day flower delivery in Las Vegas, you cannot go wrong with the inclusion of beautiful hydrangeas. From a small birthday bouquet with delicate pink and white to a large sympathy spray with classic blue and purple blooms, the showy hydrangea flowers make a beautiful impact on all who see them.



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